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Thursday 6 April
10:00-10:40 I. Antoniadis
Aspects of string phenomenology and scale hierarchies
pdf video
10:40-11:20 S. Abel Radiative symmetry breaking from exact UV fixed points pdf video
Coffee break
11:50-12:20 G. Lazarides Radiative symmetry breaking from exact UV fixed points pdf video
10:40-11:20 Th. Kosmas High energy neutrino emission from black hole microquasars pdf video
Lunch break
15:00-15:30 N. Batakis Non-susy model relates CDM directly to the observed primordial magnetic fields pdf video
15:30-16:00 E. Saridakis Dark Matter - Dark Energy Unification in Shift-Symmetric Galileon Theories pdf video
16:00-16:30 C. Pallis Gravitational Waves and Leptogenesis from Higgs Inflation in Supergravity pdf video
16:30-17:00 K. Siampos All-loop non-abelian Thirring model pdf video
Coffee break
17:30-18:00 S. Spanos Gravitino thermal production pdf video
18:00-18:30 G. Kraniotis Massive perturbations in the Kerr-Newman-(anti) de Sitter black hole background pdf video
18:30-19:00 D. Giataganas New Developments on Gauge/Gravity duality with Anisotropies pdf video
19:00-19:30 N. Pappas Scalar emission by higher-dimensional Schwarzschild-dS black holes pdf video
19:30-20:00 M. Paraskevas Feynman rules for the Standard Model Effective Field Theory in Rξ -gauge pdf video
Friday 7 April
09:00-09:40 F. Teubert Recent LHCb results pdf video
09:40-10:20 A. Pilaftsis Beyond Perturbative QFT pdf video
Coffee break
10:50-11:30 D. Karabali The Geometry of Quantum Hall Effect: An Effective Action for all Dimensions pdf video
11:30-12:00 N. Tetradis Effective Description of Dark Matter as a Viscous Fluid pdf video
12:00-12:30 S. Tzamarias Novel Detector Developments: The Picosecond-Micromegas pdf video
12:30-13:00 D. Sampsonidis The ATLAS New Small Wheel Upgrade and the construction of Micromegas at AUTH pdf video
Lunch break
15:30-16:00 K. Papadopoulos Cuts of Feynman Integrals in Baikov representation pdf video
16:00-16:30 D. Sampsonidou Prospects of the WZ analysis at 13 TeV pdf video
16:30-17:00 D. Varouchas Top production with ATLAS pdf video
Coffee break
17:00   HSSHEP General Assembly    
17:00   Ceremony in honour of Emeritus Professor Emmanouil Dris   video
Saturday 8 April
09:00-09:40 I. Wingerter-Seez ATLAS highlights pdf video
09:40-10:20 N. Mavromatos Self Interacting Right-Handed neutrino Dark Matter and Small Scale Cosmology crisis pdf video
Coffee break
10:50-11:30 S. Loucatos The QUBIC telescope for B-mode polarization in the CMB pdf video
11:30-12:10 G. Papadopoulos Superconformal Symmetry near Horizons pdf video
12:10-12:40 K. Sfetsos Exactness from symmetries in interacting current algebra theories pdf video
12:40-13:10 G. Savvidy Yangian and SUSY symmetry of High Spin Parton Splitting Amplitudes in Generalised Yang-Mills Theory pdf video
Lunch break
15:00-15:30 A. Panagiotou Forward Physics with the CMS - CASTOR calorimiter pptx video
15:30-16:00 V. Mitsou Highlights from searches for supersymmetry in ATLAS pdf video
16:30-17:00 A. Kyriakis New Generation of UV, IR and γ - ray sensors with Carbon Nano-Tubes (CNT) pdf video
  Parallel Session A THEORY Parallel Session B EXPERIMENT
17:00-17:20 K. Katsikatsou,
Cosmological and phenomenological implications of SUSY GUTs pdf
G. Paspalaki,
Search for SUSY in events with photons and Missing Transverse Energy in pp collisions at 13TeV with CMS/LHC pdf
17:20-17:40 T. Pappas,
Radiation spectra for h.d. SdS black holes: The effect of the temperature pdf
G. Papadopoulos,
FDevelopment of Resistive Micromegas for Ultra High Rates pdf
17:40-18:00 S. Karamitsos,
Frame Covariance in Scalar-Curvature Theories of Inflation pdf
C. Giakoumogiannaki,
Segmented Mesh Micromegas for real x-y detection pdf
18:00-18:20 D. Karamitros,
Radiative Light Dark Matter pdf
G. Koutelieris,
Gas sector projects for the NSW Micromegas: Performance studies and QA/QC station design pdf
18:20-18:40 A. Karozas,
R-Parity violation in F-Theory pdf
P. Assiouras,
A method for fast calculations of capacitances in micro-strip and micro-pixel detectors in High Energy Physics pdf
18:40-19:00 K. Kaskavelis,
Generalization of the Starobinsky model in f(R) supergravity pdf
G. Maniatis,
A Cosmic Ray telescope with Micromegas Detectors pdf
19:00-19:20 A. Karam,
Classically Scale-Invariant Extensions of the Standard Model pdf
E. Skorda,
Study of the acceptance for ZZ to four lepton events produced in pp collisions at s1/2=13 TeV in the ATLAS detector at CERN pdf
Sunday 9 April
09:00-09:40 S. Kabana Recent results from Heavy Ion Physics at RHIC and LHC pdf  
09:40-10:10 D. Tsionou A Time Projection Chamber for the International Linear Collider pdf video
Coffee Break
10:40-11:20 M. Koratzinos The FCC-ee pptx video
11:20-11:50 D. Loukas The Phase II Upgrade of the CMS Tracker pptx video
11:50-12:20 K. Kordas Physics activities of the ATLAS Thessaloniki group pdf video
12:20-12:50 P. Tziveloglou (Minimal Dark Matter)2 pdf video
12:50-13:20 F. Farakos From linear to non-linear SUSY and back again pdf video
13:20-13:50 J. Vergados Novel Axion Detection by Absorption in Atoms pptx video